Infrared Observing Log

2011:  Revival of the SEB; Activity in the NEB

2011-Sep-18 VLT/VISIR (087.C-0024(B), 04:50-05:35UT):  Southern hemisphere, full filter set.  Great Red Spot centre disc, moderate seeing.  Turbulent wake northwest of GRS.  No evidence for warm cyclonic region in the centre of the GRS.  Notable SEB differences between 8.59 and 8.99 um.  Acquisition imaging chopped the wrong direction and obscured the planetary disc.

2011-Sep-17 VLT/VISIR (087.C-0024(B), 07:24-08:11UT):  Southern hemisphere, full filter set.  No ovals in view, show southern SEB is now cloud-free but still-dark northern SEB.  Isolated region of bright, cloud-free activity in southern mid-latitudes.

2011-Sep-13 VLT/VISIR (087.C-0024(B), 06:18-07:46UT):  Southern hemisphere, full filter set, more images than usual as they re-acquired part way through.  Some images failed to capture a whole hemisphere, but others successfully observed the south with the GRS at centre disc. Excellent seeing, but it’s possible that the telescope drift rates were corrupted during the observation.

2011-Sep-11 VLT/VISIR (087.C-0024(B), 04:56-05:15UT):  8.6 and 10.7 um southern hemisphere imaging captured GRS rotating off the disc.  Reasonable seeing, undulations of the EZ/SEB boundary.

2011-Jan-31 VLT/VISIR (087.C-0024(A), 00:20-00:38UT):  8.6, 17.6 and 7.9 um imaging only, GRS rotating off and Oval BA rotating on.  Poor quality as this was rather late in the season.  Observed two dark cloudy vortices on the northern cloud-free NEB.  Much of the SEB still cloudy at 8.6 um.

2011-Jan-30 VLT/VISIR (087.C-0024(A), 00:22-00:44UT):  8.6, 7.9, 12.3 and 8.99 um imaging.  Northern barges can be seen as bright regions in the cloud-free NEB, south of dark cloudy vortices.  Amazing patterns associated with the SEB revival, relatively good seeing.

2011-Jan-29 VLT/VISIR (087.C-0024(A), 00:23-00:44UT):  10.8, 13.0, 7.9 and 8.6 um imaging, reasonable seeing, with Oval BA (plus a cyclonic turbulent structure to its northwest) right in the centre of the disc.  No northern barges visible on this hemisphere.

2011-Jan-28 VLT/VISIR (087.C-0024(A), 00:16-00:48UT):  7.9, 8.6, 13.0, 10.8 and 17.7 um imaging, relatively poor seeing and struggling to locate Jupiter properly on the VISIR array.  Some observations of structure in the SEB associated with the revival, and hints of warm regions associated with NEB vortices.

2011-Jan-27 VLT/VISIR (087.C-0024(A), 00:25-00:48UT):  8.6, 7.9, 17.7, 13.0 and 10.8 um imaging.  Satellite obscured some of the disc and caused some saturation problems, GRS visible in centre disc with unusual fade-related cloud structures around it (SEB still cloudy here).  Faint regions of bright emission in NEB.

2011-Jan-16 VLT/VISIR (087.C-0024(A), 00:18-01:09UT):  Full filter set on the southern hemisphere, relatively good seeing captured the cloudy NEB ovals, faint cloud-free barges, and the chaotic turbulence of the SEB outbreak.  Excellent dataset for analysis.

2010: Life Cycle of the SEB

2010-Dec-01 VLT/VISIR

2010-Nov-13 VLT/VISIR

2010-Nov-11 VLT/VISIR

2010-Jul-13 VLT/VISIR

2010-Jun-23 VLT/VISIR

2010-Jun-05 VLT/VISIR

2009:  Aftermath of the July 2009 Impact

2009-Nov-11 VLT/VISIR

2009-Nov-10 VLT/VISIR

2009-Oct-23  VLT/VISIR

2009-Sep-18 VLT/VISIR

2009-Sep-17 VLT/VISIR

2009-Aug-16 VLT/VISIR

2009-Aug-15 VLT/VISIR

2009-Aug-12 VLT/VISIR

2009-Aug-11 VLT/VISIR

2009-Aug-10 VLT/VISIR

2009-Aug-08 VLT/VISIR

2009-Aug-05 VLT/VISIR

2009-Jul-26 VLT/VISIR

2009-Jul-24 VLT/VISIR

2008:  Tracking the interaction of Oval BA, GRS and the Little Red Spot

2008-Sep-25 VLT/VISIR Jupiter spectroscopy

2008-Sep-03 VLT/VISIR Southern hemisphere imaging, excellent conditions, Oval BA just past a conjunction with the GRS and moving off to the east.  Cyclonic zone to the northwest of Oval BA.

2008-Sep-01 VLT/VISIR All northern hemisphere imaging showing disturbances in the NEB.  Published as part of Fletcher et al. (2011), Jupiter's Faded Belt.

2008-Aug-02 VLT/VISIR Jupiter spectroscopy

2008-Jul-31 VLT/VISIR spectrum of Jupiter Oval BA

2008-Jul-30 VLT/VISIR

2008-Jul-24 VLT/VISIR N-band spectrum of GRS.

2008-Jul-20 VLT/VISIR N-band spectrum of GRS.

2008-Jul-19 VLT/VISIR

2008-Jul-16 VLT/VISIR Images of Jupiter all over-chopped.

2008-Jul-13 VLT/VISIR Jupiter spectra of Oval BA and GRS, Images of GRS-BA interaction but with poor seeing.

2008-Jul-09 VLT/VISIR Jupiter imaging, no ovals, spectroscopy of non-oval longitude.

2008-Jul-03 VLT/VISIR Imaging of the GRS/BA complex and spectroscopy.

2008-Jun-27 VLT/VISIR Images of GRS/BA together, but rather close to the limb.

2008-Jun-23 VLT/VISIR 3 acquisition images only.

2008-May-27 VLT/VISIR

2008-May-26 VLT/VISIR Imaging, but no large ovals present.

2008-May-22 VLT/VISIR Imaging of the BA and GRS before the 2008 interaction.

2008-May-19 VLT/VISIR GRS on the planetary limb, limited observations of Oval BA.

2008-May-18 VLT/VISIR, Good image set of the GRS and BA, plus the Little Red Spot (LRS)

2008-May-17 VLT/VISIR Only 8.6 and 13.0 um imaging of the southern ovals.

2007:  Northern and Southern hemisphere imaging; early Feb/Mar results to support New Horizons; August results have better resolution

2007-Oct-10 VLT/VISIR 8.6 and 13-um imaging of the southern hemisphere, no ovals.  A long way from opposition, so we have very good 8.6 µm image of the majority of the planet, including the equator.

2007-Aug-16 VLT/VISIR (279.C-5043) imaging of Oval BA and GRS, all southern hemisphere.

2007-Aug-15 VLT/VISIR (279.C-5043) imaging of GRS in the southern hemisphere and good images of the northern hemisphere.  Dataset will need re-reducing, but this is probably the best quality throughout 2007.

2007-Mar-01 VLT/VISIR (278.C-5023) imaging of GRS in support of New Horizons flyby, as well as the northern hemisphere.  As Jupiter was still far from opposition, the quality of the images isn't great.

2007-Feb-28 VLT/VISIR (278.C-5023)  imaging of Oval BA in the southern hemisphere but not the Great Red Spot.  Also captured the northern hemisphere, but the seeing conditions were rather poor.  Dataset will need reducing again.

2007-Feb-27 VLT/VISIR (278.C-5023)  imaging of southern hemisphere, but none of the major ovals are visible.  Reasonable seeing.

2006:  Imaging of the southern hemisphere in April 2006, focussing on the Great Red Spot and Oval BA.  No observations of the northern hemisphere.

2006-Apr-16 VLT/VISIR (276.C-5055) imaging of southern ovals, but seeing not as good as earlier April dates.

2006-Apr-10 VLT/VISIR  (276.C-5055) Excellent imaging of GRS and Oval BA, six filters on the southern hemisphere.

2006-Apr-09 VLT/VISIR (276.C-5055) Excellent imaging of the GRS, six filters on the southern hemisphere.

2006-Apr-08 VLT/VISIR (276.C-5055) Imaging, chopping in the wrong direction, GRS was setting and Oval BA was obscured by the chopping direction.

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