Thursday, 5 January 2012

Paper Spacecraft, Planets and Telescopes

During the course of preparing for Stargazing Oxford in January 2012, we searched the web for a selection of good paper models of spacecraft.  If you aren’t able to come along on the day, here are a sample for you to print out and assemble - enjoy!

Website of ESA Spacecraft (including two versions of the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft):

..and a similar page for NASA spacecraft (including Galileo):

You can make planet-like icosohedra using the links on this page:

There's an ALMA receiver & transporter model which gets a little complicated (I think the receiver is more interesting than the transporter):

You can also make a model of the James Webb Space Telescope:

Canon also released some Universe/Earth related models for the International Year of Astronomy (including sundials, structure of sun, earth, planisphere, solar system, Subaru telescope etc)

How about some simple models of paper scientists themselves?  (Einstein is my favourite)

...Or some more planet models (needs to be translated from German):

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