Tuesday 1 September 2009

Impact in the Media

The July 19th impact of an unknown body with Jupiter has created an unprecedented level of media interest.  It’s been extremely exciting to see our results flashed around the news wires, even as we race to understand the vast amounts of data we’re now acquiring from ground-based observatories all over the world.  Since the Infrared Telescope Facility results were first described (see my previous post), we were granted Directors Discretionary Time on the newly refurbished Hubble Space Telescope (see above), the twin Gemini telescopes (North and South) and the Very Large Telescope in Chile.  Each dataset provides a new piece of the puzzle, as we seek to understand both the origin and nature of the impactor itself, and the response of Jupiter’s gaseous atmosphere to such an extreme event.  Watch this space for our findings!

For now, I’ve collected together some of the more exciting media coverage of the Jupiter impact - enjoy!