Friday 18 December 2020

Saying Goodbye to the Royal Society

Last day of "School", and a bittersweet ending for me - after 8 years, my @royalsociety research fellowship is coming to an end.  The URF picked me up at a desperate point in 2012 (I was a new Dad, with no job beyond the end of that year), and I can't overstate my gratitude.  

Some highlights of working with @royalsociety during this time: funding two superb PhD students (@RohiniGiles and @ortk95), summer students, and giving me the flexibility to manage an ERC-funded planetary atmospheres research team at Leicester. 

Running the @IcyGiants discussion meeting in 2020, along with a photo I'll treasure from the Marble Hall.  Participating in the #SummerScience exhibition in 2018.  'Meet the press' events at Carlton House.  Just sitting in the fellows room with a coffee.

Judging the 2018 Investment Science Book prize, working with an amazing panel, being invited to the Hay festival, then meeting all the authors on the shortlist.  A trip to St. James' Palace with the other URFs and DHFs. 

And being allowed to view the planetary and astronomy treasures (Newton's death mask, books by Galileo, Cassini, Herschel, Huygens...) in their archives, showcasing them to amateur Jupiter observers after a Juno meeting in 2018. 

But of course the biggest thing to be grateful for - giving me the opportunity to move from Oxford to Leicester five years ago.  Felt like an enormous decision at the time, but no regrets. So, raising a mulled wine to @royalsociety today, and let's see what 2021 brings.