Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pythagora's Trousers

At the end of April, Chris North (University of Cardiff, BBC Sky at Night, @chrisenorth) interviewed me for the Pythagoras’ Trousers radio podcast, which was broadcast on Monday April 30th on Radio Cardiff.  We spent 20 minutes discussing the outer solar system, with themes ranging from the formation of the giant planets and why the gas and ice giants appear so different; future missions to explore the giant planets and their icy moons; and professional-amateur collaborations on giant planet storm tracking.  We focussed for a while on future Jupiter missions, including Juno (en route and due to arrive in 2016) and JUICE (the ESA Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, due to arrive in 2030).

The podcast can be downloaded from the following website.  Here’s their write-up:

Small businesses in Wales and astronomy
On this week’s programme, Rhys talks to Peter King from DPI Limited about job opportunities for science and engineering graduates amongst small businesses in Wales and our STEM Ambassador of the Week is Brij Geerjanan from Tata Steel. Later on, Chris North talks to Leigh Fletcher from the University of Oxford about the outer solar system and Hugh Lang guides us through the night sky throughout May. Finally, this week’s Subject of Science looks at the history of the zip.


Pythagoras’ Trousers is a radio show from the South Wales Networks of theInstitution of Engineering & Technology and Radio Cardiff. Each week, presenter Rhys Phillips takes a look at stories of interest from the worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, bringing these fields to a wider audience and promoting these subject areas to school pupils.
The show is broadcast on Radio Cardiff every Monday evening 8-8:30pm and repeated Tuesday nights 11-11:30pm.

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