Friday, 28 August 2015

Observing the Giant Planets in 2016

The VLT semester goes from April to October.

Jupiter is at opposition on March 8th 2016, and available above airmass 1.8 for 6 hours on April 1st, 4 hours on June 7th, 2 hours by July 11th, 1 hour by July 26th.  Sadly Jupiter is a daytime object for much of the period when Juno is first arriving at Jupiter, but we'll hope to pick up again in the latter part of the year.

Saturn is available for 6 hours on April 1st, opposition on June 2nd 2016, and is still around for 2 hours on October 1st.

Uranus is at opposition on October 15th 2016, and is up for an hour on June 1st, 2 hours by June 14th, 4 hours by July 14th.

Neptune is at opposition on September 2nd 2016, and is up for an hour by April 17th, 4 hours by May 29th.

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